COVID-19 Motor Insurance Rebate Programme

How to apply for your rebate

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Complete an online Application Form for your Motor Insurance Rebate.

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What is happening?

Car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle customers will receive a 50% rebate on their motor insurance policy premiums for April, as a result of decreased driving and claims due to the 24-hour Shelter-in-Place.

Also, customers can choose how they would like to receive their rebate:

  • Direct deposit refund
  • Credit that can be applied to a new or existing policy 
  • Donate the credit to the Bermuda Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund. (We have committed to match any such contributions from customers up to a total of $10,000)

Who can apply?

  • Individual Car or Bike Insurance - the primary policyholder can make a one-time application for the rebate. The primary policyholder is considered the person who's name is on the TCD vehicle registration. 
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance - if the vehicle is registered under an individual’s name, that person can make a one-time application for the rebate. If the vehicle is registered under the name of a company, an authorised signatory of the company should apply for the rebate.


How do I apply for a motor insurance rebate?

Customers must complete the online form by July 31, to claim or re-direct their rebate. If you select the refund option, we will deposit funds into your account within 10 business days. Any missing information will delay the refund process.

How much is my rebate and how is it calculated?

The refund is 50% of the premium during the month of the 24-Hour shelter in place, excluding MIF. It does include the respective Financial Service Tax.

What documentation will I receive showing my COVID-19 refund?

Please refer to your Vantage account and review the updated documentation, as this will outline how much your refund is. The updated documentation will appear within 10 working days of receipt of your application.

I have more than one vehicle policy I wish to get a refund for. Can I use one form for multiple vehicles?

Currently the application only supports one policy at a time. Please complete one form per policy.

I do not know my policy number. How do I get it?

Please refer to your Vantage account or your TCD issued vehicle registration form.

My policy expired during the Shelter in Place. Am I still eligible for a refund?

Yes. Your refund will be prorated accordingly.





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