Health Risk Assessment

Diet and Exercise are not the only factors that affect health. Take your health risk assessment to better understand your current health status.

How it Works

Complete your HRA annually. It can be used alongside the advice of your healthcare provider to better meet your health needs.


A Personal Health Report is generated upon completing the HRA. It gives feedback on your risks and what you can do to lower your health risk.

Take advantage of our free Thrive. programmes and resources to improve your health and wellbeing.


What you need to know

Although it is not required, we recommend that you have your most up-to-date health screening results before beginning your HRA.

You’ll also earn 300 points as part of our Get Up & Thrive social wellness programme.

Your results and personal information are strictly confidential and are protected by Argus.

Aggregate reports* can be developed for interested employers and wellness committees to help them shape wellness activities at their worksite.

*For businesses that employ more than 50 individuals. For more information about HRA Aggregate Reports for Employers, contact us.


Take your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) today!

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