Because there's a 100% chance this hurricane season will be unlike any other.  

We're here to help you navigate this hurricane season.

Protect what matters most.

Having the right insurance coverage matters, now more than ever. And it's our commitment to ensure you do.

Whatever your needs, our team is ready to provide you with advice and guidance, before and after a storm. 

Download and print our full Hurricane Readiness Guide for more support.

How to stay ready for hurricane season during COVID-19



  • Give yourself time to stock up on emergency food, water, prescriptions and medical supplies

  • Add hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes and masks in your hurricane kit in light of COVID-19 precautions



  • Stay put, don’t go outdoors until it has been confirmed that the hurricane has passed. If the eye of the storm passes over your area, there will be a short period of calm, but at the other side of the eye, the wind speed rapidly increases to hurricane force winds coming from the opposite direction

  • Don't take unnecessary risks and stay way from windows and sliding glass doors



  • If you have sustained damage contact us as soon as possible

  • Remember, it can take a few days to restore power and water. If you are using a generator, take steps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Ask for help when you need it

Frequently Asked Questions

Your house and contents should be insured for its full replacement value. The cost of replacement of the house is different to the market value and the cost of materials has increased quite a lot lately. Contents are insured ‘new for old’ so replacement cost is what it would cost to replace the item today, not what you paid for it perhaps many years ago. If needing to buy from overseas the replacement cost would also include shipping and duty. Please contact a customer representative if you are in doubt. Our team is ready to help you to make the right decisions.

Ordinarily a claim will not affect the cost of your home insurance. If you have lots of repeated similar claims, e.g. lost mobile devices, then we may have a discussion to help you reduce your risks

The landlord’s policy covers what belongs to the landlord, you should have your own contents insurance.

That depends on how imminent the storm is. We may issue a moratorium when the storm is pretty much guaranteed to arrive in the very near future.

It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution when storms are coming so take the boat out if possible. You may not actually be required to though unless specified in your policy, it likely depends on the location of the mooring.

Normally it does but it will depends on the cover you have taken out. Please contact a customer representative if in doubt to make sure.

Removing your boat from the water due to a storm will not automatically result in a refund as you are obliged to mitigate any potential loss.

Normally a comprehensive policy would but it depends on the cover you have taken out. Please contact a customer representative if in doubt.

Parking the bike in a garage or undercover to protect it from the elements and from flying debris would be a good option. If you live in an area prone to flooding the moving the bike to higher ground would also provide better protection but do not be tempted to move the bike anywhere during the storm as your safety is more important that material property.

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