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The Argus Group Reports Earnings of $12.0 Million

(Hamilton, Bermuda, July 17, 2017) – Argus Group Holdings Limited (the “Gro…

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For Members: 2017 Health Renewal FAQs

Every year, Argus reviews its current health policies and makes revisions needed to keep up

6 Guidelines for Your Saving Philosophy

Saving for the future is easier than you may think. However, many still struggle with the …

Separating Fact from Fiction

Planning for retirement is not the time for guessing games. One may make important decisio…

Driving habits that are bad for your car

It’s the small pleasures in life: with your windows rolled down and Bermuda’s beautiful be…

Common Road Distractions & Their Nasty Plans For You

The road is full of unseen dangers, we gave them faces and names to help you drive safe

Thinking Rationally About Retirement

How can you become better prepared for your golden years? Retirement planning is like any kind of forward-thinking exercise, you need to start with an end goal. In this case, it means working out a target figure you want to have saved for when you retire.

To do this, you first need to estimate the income that you will need in retirement. Most experts suggest that this will be between 70 and 90 per cent of your pre-retirement income. Next, multiply this figure by the average number of years peop…

Turning 50, Now What? Financial Considerations to Think About at Age 50

You’re 50! Congratulations! Fortunately, these days, 50 is still considered young and you have a lot of life ahead of you.

Have Fun with Five Kid-Friendly Suggestions

Eating enough fruits and vegetables each day is often an effort, but trying to get our kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be an outright challenge! This is especially true with children who are picky eaters. Here are five kid-friendly suggestions to help your child eat more fruits and veggies!

Chips and dips:
All kids love chips and dips and so the challenge is to make it healthy! Try replacing some of the chips with veggie sticks like raw carrots, cucumber and celery. Yellow pepper works wel…

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