Thrive. Case Management

Our Case Management Programme is exclusively for members with complex healthcare needs

What Is Thrive. Case Management?

In partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine International* we have developed a comprehensive Case Management Programme, which provides one-on-one coaching and encouragement to help Argus Health members to take an active role in managing their health.


For Complex Healthcare Needs

A voluntary and FREE of charge programme for Argus Health members diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions and who want to better manage their health.


Working together for Success

Our Argus Health members work together with the Case Manager and healthcare professionals to develop a plan to improve member outcomes.


Keeping you on Track

Our Case Manager monitors progress toward expected outcomes, identifies barriers to achieving health goals, and provides updates to primary care providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
“Argus” and “Argus Group” means Argus Group Holding and subsidiaries, including Bermuda Life Insurance Company Limited operating as “Argus Health.” Thrive is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical advice or treatment. *Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) provides consultation and advice on the Case Management Nurse Advocate program.