The Argus Leadership Team

We are fully committed to our customers and staff

Our Leadership

Our directors and management team are dedicated to promoting collaboration and innovation throughout the company. They are focused on the goal of ensuring exceptional service for our customers and committed to setting Argus apart as a leader in the industry.

Board of Directors

David A. Brown, CPA, FCA (Chairman)
Peter R. Burnim, MBA (Deputy Chairman)
Alison S. Hill, FCMA, CGMA, (Chief Executive Officer)
Barbara J. Merry
Constantinos Miranthis
Everard Barclay Simmons, MBA, LLB
Garrett Curran
Keith W. Abercromby, FIA
Kim R. Wilkerson, JP, CPCU
Paul C. Wollman, MBA CPCU, ARe, ARM
Sheila E. Nicoll, FCII
Timothy C. Faries, BA, LLB, LLM

Regional Leadership Team


Alison Hill
Chief Executive Officer


Peter Dunkerley
Chief Financial Officer


Peter Lozier

Peter Lozier
Chief Executive, Americas

Tyrone Montovio

Tyrone Montovio
Chief Executive, AICEL

Global Core leadership Team


David Simons
Managing Director, Center of Excellence



Wanda Richardson
Executive Vice President, Center of Excellence


Hannah Ross
Chief Strategy and Capital Officer



Nik Smale
Chief Digital Officer



Onesimus Nzabalinda
Chief Global Compliance & Audit Officer


Simon Giffen

Simon Giffen
Chief Investment & Governance Officer



Sheena Smith
Chief Human Capital & Cultural Officer

The Americas Leadership Team

Ryan Eve

VP, Broking



Joel Schaefer
SVP, Argus Wealth Management


Andrew Bickham

Andrew Bickham
Executive Vice President, Broking



Chris Mundy
VP, Client Management



Tom Healy
CFO,  Americas



Lisa Jackson
VP, Operations Argus Bermuda


Peter Muir

Peter Muir
VP, Operations Canada



Kellianne Smith
SVP, People Americas



Shakira Warner
VP, Population Health Management