Telenurse Advice Line

Our telenurse is here to speak with you 24/7.

As an Argus Health member, you have free access to our telenurse service. Get expert medical advice and guidance at any time, day or night. We want you to know that, while our doors are closed, we’re still here for you.


24/7 Telephone Advice

With our telenurse service you can speak to a Registered Nurse who will answer any questions related to acute medical symptoms, mental health and more, and receive guidance on the appropriate level of care for your condition.

Nurse Triage & GP Consult

After assessing your condition, a telenurse may recommend you contact your general practitioner (GP). If you do not have a GP, or if your regular GP does not provide telephone consultations, we can schedule one with our local medical partners, Island Health Services, ensuring you get the care you need.


COVID-19 - Stay Safe

#StayHomeBDA, protect yourselves, your loved ones and your community. With telenurse get fast, trusted access to nurse medical advice when you need it, from a safe distance.

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This service is not intended for those managing a chronic illness. Always follow the advice of a GP. A call to the telenurse does not replace 911, which should always be the first number called in emergency situations in Bermuda.