Get Up & Thrive.

Get and stay motivated to achieve your wellbeing goals, no matter your health or fitness level.

What Is Get Up & Thrive.?

Get Up & Thrive. is our year-round health and wellness programme, powered by Tictrac.

Tictrac is an app that can be customised to help you build healthy habits based on behavioural science. Choose what health means to you with tailored content that fits your needs and your desired wellness experience, set personalised weekly targets, action plans, goals and more.

Plus, when you use Tictrac to track your activity we'll reward you for meeting targets. Tictrac measures your activity against a weekly target of 150 active minutes - meet this goal and we'll reward you $5 each week, that's up to $260 a year! All rewards will be paid on a quarterly basis through our Electronic Funds Transfer service.

Ready to get started?

Argus Health members with a Vantage account can download Tictrac from the App or Google Play store now.
If you do not have an Argus Vantage account you can register for one here. Once your registration is complete, it will take 3-5 business days for Argus to provide you access to Tictrac. We'll email you when you're ready to go!
For the best Tictrac experience, please ensure to log in to the app regularly. 


Sync Your Devices

Sync your mobile phone, fitness device and other applicable apps to automatically track your activities, such as steps, sleep, calories and more!


Get Healthy

Tictrac offers great content and monthly online challenges to help keep you motivated to establish and maintain healthy habits.


Win Cash Rewards

Stay healthy and meet your activity goals to earn cash rewards. Earn $5 a week for meeting targets up to $260 a year!


Frequently Asked Questions
“Argus” and “Argus Group” means Argus Group Holding and subsidiaries, including Bermuda Life Insurance Company Limited operating as “Argus Health.” Thrive is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical advice or treatment.