Get Up & Thrive.

Argus believes that fostering social connections around activity can improve overall wellbeing.

What Is Get Up & Thrive.?

At Argus, we believe that by making health and wellness social, we can improve lives for the better. Get Up & Thrive. is a year-round social wellness programme that connects people, programmes and rewards to maximize well-being.

Get Healthy

Online fitness and nutrition challenges and Argus-sponsored community events keep you motivated around establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

Earn Points

Get rewarded for your participation in online and community-based activities, to celebrate your healthy achievements throughout the year.

Win Prizes

The more points you earn as a member of our online wellness platform, the greater your chance of winning raffle prizes throughout the year.


Our comprehensive wellness program for you and your employees.

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“Argus” and “Argus Group” means Argus Group Holding and subsidiaries, including Bermuda Life Insurance Company Limited operating as “Argus Health.” Thrive is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical advice or treatment.