Connections 401(k) Advantage

Lower fees, more choice and more flexibility—exclusively for eligible Bermuda-based U.S. citizens.

The Argus Connections 401k Advantage Plan is a retirement savings product designed specifically for eligible U.S. citizens working and living in Bermuda, including spouses of Bermudians and dual citizenship holders.

Eligible U.S. citizens can benefit from certain approved tax relief under Section 401(k) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code whereby contributions made to the plan, as well as the income earned, are exempt from U.S. income tax until the funds are withdrawn at retirement.

Cost-Effective Solution

Aggregating multiple plans under the Argus Connections 401(k) Advantage Plan significantly reduces costs to the employer and increases ease of administration.

Acquisition & Retention of U.S. Talent

U.S. citizens working in Bermuda have access to our “best in class” investment managers, can select a risk-based portfolio or customise a portfolio from the investment menu

Ease of Adoption

We offer trained professionals to assist your business and your employees during the adoption process to help simplify participation. WebEx presentations are also made available.

Mitigate Fiduciary Risk

With Argus Connections 401(k) Advantage Plan, you have the option of outsourcing the role of Plan Administrator, Named Fiduciary and the Investment Manager.

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