Non-Registered Pension Plans for Employers

Our non-registered pension plans offer flexibility for your non-Bermudian employees

Our non-registered pension plans provide non-Bermudian employees with all of the benefits of a pension,
with the added flexibility of being able to withdraw these funds upon leaving employment.

Meets Your Standards

Our non-registered pension plans feature a multitude of investment options so that employers can offer plans to their non-Bermudian employees that align with the benefits of their Bermudian employees.

Allows Contributions

With our non-registered pension plans, employers have the option to make contributions towards non-Bermudian employees’ retirement savings.

Offers Portability of Benefits

Employees can leave their funds invested, move their retirement savings to another employer-sponsored plan, convert to an individual plan or withdraw the funds upon termination of employment.

Provides Segregated Accounts

Funds utilised under our Group Pension Plans are designated as ‘Segregated Fund Assets’ to be kept separate from other assets of the Argus Group.

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Interested in Learning More?

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Investment Options

Our plans have access to the same great funds which insure you have the right approach to reach your financial goals.

  • Guaranteed Account

  • Conservative

  • Moderate

  • Balanced

  • Growth

  • Aggressive

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