Registered Pension Plans for Employers

Our registered pension plans give your employees a wide range of safeguarded investment options for retirement

Our registered plans are defined contribution plans that comply with the most recent requirements stipulated by the Bermudian pension legislation and offer the opportunity for long-term capital growth through participation in a variety of funds that invest in equity, fixed income, real-estate, and opportunistic investments. 

Achieves Compliance

All of the registered pension plans that we offer meet the compliance requirements set by the Bermudian pension legislation

Allows Employer & Employee Contributions

Employees contributions of 5% are matched with an employers contribution of 5% to make up the account balance, in addition to any earned interest that has been credited at the end of each period

Offers Portability of Benefits

Upon termination of their employment or retirement, members can transfer their account balance to a new employer’s plan or a prescribed retirement product, or they can purchase an annuity

Provides Segregated Accounts

Funds utilised under our Group Pension Plans are designated as ‘Segregated Fund Assets.’ Bermudian pension legislation states that these funds must be kept separate from other assets of Argus Group.

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Interested in Learning More?

  Our experienced representatives look forward to talking to you.  

Investment Options

Our plans have access to the same great funds which insure you have the right approach to reach your financial goals.

  • Guaranteed Account

  • Conservative

  • Moderate

  • Balanced

  • Growth

  • Aggressive

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