Commercial Contractors

The Argus Group construction insurance policy can be held jointly between the owner and the contractor, or by either or by both individually. 

We Offer Protection Against a Variety of Liability Perils

Contract Works

Argus provides Commercial Insurance for property in the course of construction for direct physical loss or damage to:

  • The Contract Works (property in the course of construction)
  • Construction plant, equipment, tools, temporary buildings and other things used in connection with the Contract Works
  • Employees’ personal effects and tools

Public Liability

Our Construction Insurance helps contractors pay compensatory damages for:

  • Accidental injury to a member of the general public
  • Accidental loss or damage to third party property
  • Accidental obstruction, trespass or nuisance

Business Interruption

Argus Business Interruption Insurance protects your bottom line by providing coverage against a loss of profits and/or increased cost of working that arises as the result of a covered peril.

Additional Protection

Defence costs

Argus offers commercial contractors a variety of coverages for the cost of defending a liability case.

Flexible limits

Liability limits are flexible to suit the needs of your business.

Debris Removal

Our construction insurance includes coverage for the cost of debris removal following a loss

Professional Fees

Coverage for architect surveyors' and engineers' fees necessary for the reinstatement of the property are included

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