Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your assets and keep your business running

Argus Commercial Insurance protects your business against a wide range of perils. No matter what your business needs, we can ensure you have the right level of coverage and service.


We Offer Protection Against a Variety of Threats to Your Property




Argus Commercial Fire Insurance provides financial security and protection by insuring your commercial property and contents against damages caused by fire.



Argus Commercial Insurance covers commercial property and contents against destruction wrought by weather, including hurricanes. 

Water Leak

Water Leak

Argus Commercial Insurance provides protection for commercial properties and contents against the damages that occur as a result of water damage caused by burst pipes or flooding.

Additional Protection

Business Interruption

Argus Business Interruption Insurance protects your bottom line by providing coverage against a loss of profits and/or increased cost of working that arises as the result of a covered peril. 


Argus Theft Insurance protects your assets against theft when there has been forcible or violent entry or exit to the premises.


Argus Money Insurance protects your business money inside and outside of business hours and whilst in transit. We also provide coverage for damage to a safe or vault as a result of theft or attempted theft.


Argus Computer Insurance covers you for physical loss as well as data loss and retrieval for your computer equipment following accidental physical loss or damage. Coverage can also include increased cost of working.

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