Marine Insurance

Enjoy the benefits of protection for boats and other types of marine pleasure craft

Argus offers comprehensive insurance (including Third Party) for all types of Marine Pleasure Craft.

We Can Protect You from a Variety of Threats to Your Boat


Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

Argus offers Individual Boat liability insurance that can cover compensatory damages for accidental boat-related death, injury or illness to any person, accidental boat-related loss of or damage to property belonging to third parties

Theft & Listed Contents

Theft & Listed Contents

A range of coverage is available to offer financial protection against boat theft and/or risks of physical loss or damage to listed contents. Listed contents may include personal property of the insured and the insured’s family. Limits apply.



Argus offers windstorm insurance in order to help shield boat owners from the financial burdens associated with damage caused by heavy wind.

Additional Protection


Argus Marine Insurance plans include coverage for collisions with other vessels as well as damage to piers and other structures.

Commercial Use

We also offer coverage for boats used commercially. This coverage is available under the pleasure craft policy for an additional premium.


Argus Marine Insurance provides financial protection of your personal vehicles against damage caused by fire.

Salvage Charges

If your boat is lost, reasonable salvage charges incurred are covered up to the sum insured



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