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Find the form you need for your Pensions & Investments, Health, Property & Casualty, Life and Disability insurance needs.

Change Coverage or Information

Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreement Form

Use this form to automatically receive your Argus Health Payments directly to your preferred Bank Account and submit by email, mail or in person

Policy Termination Form for Individual Health

End coverage for members on individual plans

Student Status Form

Confirmation of student status for dependent coverage

Change of Information for Individual Coverage

Change benefit, contact information or dependent coverage

Change of Information Form for Group Coverage

Update your coverage or dependent status or let us know about a name change

Enrol in a Plan

Employee Activity Report

Indicate enrolment and changes to plan

Group Health Employee Data Sheet

Provide information about employees’ occupations, salaries and selected pertinent dates as well as information regarding Spouse/Dependents

Application for Conversion to Individual Health Plan

Change coverage to an individual plan from a group plan

Evidence of Insurability

Tell us about your health

Group Insurance Enrolment Form

Start here to enrol

Application for Individual Health

Personal information and health questionnaire to qualify for an individual health plan

File a Claim

Health Claims Reimbursement Form

Tell us about your healthcare experience so that we can reimburse you

Dental Claim Form

Tell us about your dental care expense so we can reimburse you

Enrol or Change Your Information

Change/Confirmation of Beneficiary Form-Group Life Insurance

Make changes to your beneficiary information for your group life insurance plan

Change/Confirmation of Beneficiary Form-Group Additional Voluntary Life Insurance

Make changes to your beneficiary information for your additional life insurance plan

Application for Voluntary Life Insurance

Get additional coverage that you require

File a Claim

Short-term Disability Claim Form

To be completed together by the Employer and Employee

File a Claim

Workers' Compensation Claim Form

Workers' Compensation/Short-term Disability Claim Form

Proposal Forms

Cargo Insurance

Tell us about your cargo insurance needs

Travel Insurance

Protect against the financial impact of unexpected travel mishaps

Theft Insurance

Financial protection against the costs of theft

Public Liability

Important coverage against liability costs

Money Insurance

Protect your business’ money with our policy

Glass Insurance

Get covered against broken glass and related damages

Event Cancellation

Coverage in the event there is no event

Commercial Property

Protect your business with the coverage you need

Computer Insurance

Guard against systems-, equipment- and data-related costs

Construction Insurance

Protect your business from construction-related liability

Commercial Motor Insurance

Get motor vehicle insurance for your business

Personal Accident Proposal Form

Insurance coverage against personal accidents

Golfer’s Insurance Application Form

Apply for coverage

Home Elite Application Form

Get the coverage you need

Home Essentials Application Form

If you are a senior over 60, you can apply for essential coverage of your home and its contents

Home Insurance Application Form

Insurance coverage for your home and property

Watercraft Insurance Form

Apply for coverage for your yacht or pleasure craft

Bike Insurance Form

Get your motorbike insured

Car Insurance Form

Apply for car insurance

File a Claim

Golf Insurance Claim Form

File a claim

General Claim Form (Non-Marine)

Home Buildings and Content, Commercial Fire, Travel, Public Liability, Construction and Personal Accident

Marine Hull

File a claim

Motorcycle Theft

Report your stolen motorcycle

Motor Vehicle Accident Report

Tell us about your Motor Accident

Enrol or Change Your Information

Member Enrollment Form Argus Self-Directed Funds

Start here to enroll in Argus Self-Directed Fund Options

Voluntary Contribution Withdrawal Form

Make a withdrawal from your voluntary contributions

Voluntary Contribution Authorization Form

Authorize, update or terminate a voluntary contribution

Notification of Termination

Terminate and withdraw or transfer your plan

Changes to Contributions Form

Update the amount of money you contribute to your Wealth Builder or Individual Retirement Plan

Member Change Form

Make other changes to your account.

Name Change Form

Has your name changed? Let us know

Member Contact Information

Update your contact information

Member Enrollment Form Argus Select Funds

Start here to enroll for your chosen Argus Select Fund

Individual Retirement

Individual Retirement Plan Termination Form

Terminate and withdraw or transfer your plan

Individual Retirement Plan Change & Withdrawal Form

Update your information, change your investment options, update your beneficiary information or make a withdrawal

Investment Strategy Questionnaire for Individuals

Find out which investment strategy is best suited to your financial needs

Individual Retirement Plan Application

Get started saving for your retirement

Argus Wealth Builder

Wealth Builder Change & Withdrawal

Update your information, change your investment options, update your beneficiary information or make a withdrawal

Wealth Builder Investment Strategy Questionnaire

Find out which investment strategy will best help you meet your goals

Wealth Builder Plan Application

Get started saving for your financial goals

Self-Directed Option

Self-Directed Investment Election Form

Let us know how you would like to invest your pension

Tax Compliance

US UK FATCA / CRS Individual Form

Individual Self-Certification Form

US UK FATCA / CRS Entity Form

Entity Self-Certification Form

Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals)

Important reporting to confirm non-US tax status (W-8BEN form)

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Tax ID Number & Certification Form to confirm US tax status (W-9 form)