Argus Disability Insurance

Ensure that you and your employees are financially protected from an accident or illness

Few events have a greater impact than the financial consequences of being disabled by an accident or illness. Our approach to Disability insurance ensures that substitute income can be received by employees due to a serious and prolonged illness or injury. 

Integrated Approach

Our integrated and comprehensive approach to Short Term and Long Term Disability guarantees continuity of benefits that is both appropriate and affordable for you and your employees.

Quickly Return to Work

Partial Disability and Rehabilitation benefits are included in our plans to help employees return to work while getting the support they need to make a full recovery.

Protection Against Inflation

Our Long Term Disability benefit protects employees from the impact of long term inflation by indexing the benefit through the optional Cost of Living Adjustment feature.

Help Navigating Coverage

Our customers find receiving Disability benefits from Argus convenient because our experienced representatives help them navigate multiple insurance coverages and obligations.

Interested in Learning More? Our experienced representatives look forward to speaking with you.

Our Disability Insurance Plans

Our two types of Disability Insurance give you the flexibility to make the right choice for yourself and your employees. 

STD Plan Details

STD Plan Details


Up to 26 Weeks

Our Standard Short Term policy provides either our standard 13 weeks or up to 26 weeks of income benefits to employees who are unable to work due to accidents or illnesses.

Highlighted Features

  • No medical underwriting
  • Renewable
  • Claims payment satisfaction
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LTD Plan Details

LTD Plan Details


Beyond 13 weeks

Our Long Term policy provides monthly income benefit protection for recipients should they become totally disabled.


Highlighted Features

  • Pays for the duration of the disability, subject to the maximum benefit period
  • Optional Cost of Living Adjustment benefit
  • Optional Contribution to Pension Plan benefit
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